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The Universal Exhibition

Near the Palais Bardo on the Boulevard Jourdan side, the building founded in 1889 for the 1992 Universal Exhibition was soon christened the “Pavillon du Lac”.

The building was supervised by the Batiments de France and the Commission des Sites, and gained yet more nobility in 2001 when it was listed as a Monument de France.

Redecorated in 2002 by the decorator Alain Leonardon, the Pavillon Montsouris now delights visitors with a colonial-style décor.
Savour, in the dining room, with its glass roof resting on columns topped with immense lacquered metal “shades”, a very enjoyable, subtle luminosity.

The walls, covered in écru stucco, show sculptures by the artist Aghostino Dos Prazeres atop low paneling made of sycamore. The bronze lamps and the chair backs— palm-shaped— put one in mind of the Traveler’s Palm. Sycamore screens divide the space.