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The “Innkeeper”

Originally from the Nièvre, Yvan Courault, the “Innkeeper”, in his own words, is not a novice where great establishments are concerned. After the Terminus Nord, Le Jour et la Nuit, and the Escard he spent years on the other side of the Channel, at the restaurant Le Français, and then at the Gavroche— the only michelin starred restaurant outside metropolitan France. He rubbed elbows with Raymond Olivier and G Lenôtre at the Pré Catelan, and then Jean-Pierre Coffe at La Ciboulette before launching himself into this great adventure.


He has striven, since 1987, to provide the Pavillon Montsouris’ clientèle with an excellent team: manager, maître d’, waiters, room clerks, hostesses and valets are all at your disposal and work together to make your experience a wonderful one.